XL Stone Ammonite


This incredible A grade stone ammonite is from the Cretaceous period and swam our ancient seas approximately 120 million years ago

Each ammonite fossil has it's own naturally formed detail and this has to be one of the most beautiful formations that we have laid eyes on. The size of this ammonite is very rare and will make the most exquisite statement piece for your home 

This ammonite is extremely heavy, weighing at 19kg, and will be delivered via our complimentary door to door courier service

~Interesting fact~ Ammonites evolved about 416 million years and were once the most abundant animals of the ancient seas. They survived 3 mass extensions, until they were entirely wiped out by the same cataclysm that claimed the dinosaurs about 66 million years ago

Details: Acanthoceras ammonite - A grade

Origin: Agadir, Morocco

Dimensions: height 47cm, width 40cm, depth 10cm

Weight: 19kg

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