17th Century Ming Dynasty Cizhou Jar


This incredible piece of Cizhou pottery was produced during the Chinese Ming Dynasty and made in the renowned pottery centre of Cizhou

With a beautiful subtle glaze, and in the style characteristic of late 17th century cizhou ware, this vessel displays delicate earth-tone waves and motifs across its neck and body. Set against a warm cream/white base, the motifs are believed to symbolise the senses, and would have likely be used to store wine and spirits made from grains

Due to its great age, some signs of wear and imperfections are to be expected. This vessel is in excellent antique condition and has become even more beautiful with age. A testament to the high quality craftsmanship of a bygone era 

A truly incredible one-of-a-kind statement piece for a collector or interior designer

Dimensions: height 58cm, dia 33cm, pot opening 11cm

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